Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Face | Jan Aeberhard by Romain Duquesne

 Swiss model Jan Aeberhard is captured by Australian photographer Romain Duquesne. Jan is signed with Viviens Models./ Styled by Ivanna Fontana and Gromming by Penny Antuar.

Cole Mohr, Jonatan Frenk, Lyle Lodwick & Yuri Pleskun by Christophe Kutner for Common & Sense Man

 Photographer Christophe Kutner captures Cole Mohr, Yuri Pleskun(Re:Quest), Jonatan Frenk(NEXT) and Lyle Lodwick(Ford) for a new story 'Day Tripper' by Diesel Black Gold in Common & Sense Man's fall/winter 2011 issue./ Outfitted by Christian Stroble

Arthur Sales & Mario Loncarski by Alfredo Albanesi for Geil Magazine

Models Arthur Sales and Mario Loncarski are lensed by photographer Alfredo Albanesi in a new story entitled 'Mission Impossible' for the latest edition of Geil magazine.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Portrait | Diego Fragoso by Saverio Cardia

 Note: Nudity
Brazilian model Diego Fragoso (F. Mendes Model) is captured by Saverio Cardia.

New digital update of Isac Fioravante

These are the new digitals of Brazilian model Isac Fioravante taken by Regina Torchia.Isac is now represented by Ford Models Brazil.

New Face | Paulo Berner by Daniel Sasso

Brazilian new face Paulo Berner signed with Glam and Super Agency is photographed by Daniel Sasso.

CYCLE Spring 2012 Collection

 The latest sping 2012 collection of the Italian label CYCLE is inspired from island life.

Noah Mills, Sean O’Pry & Tony Ward for Lucky Brand Holiday 2011

Models Noah Mills, Sean O'Pry and Tony Ward are enlisted for Lucky Brand's holiday 2011 outing. They are wearing a classic style with some blue denim and cosy plaids.

Portrait | Greg Nawrat by Jeiroh Yanga

New model Greg Nawrat is photographed by Jeiroh Yanga for a new portrait session.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mario Loncarski by Kosmas Pavlos in Shadows of White

 Wiener model Mario Loncarski is shooted by fashion photographer Kosmas Pavlos for a new story. Mario is wearing pieces from Dolce&Gabbana, Zara, Schiesser, Diesel and other labels, and styled by Felix Leblhuber(Tagendrang), grooming by Shlomit Migay.

Portrait | Braeden Baade by Tony Duran

Nous/Soul model Braeden Baade lensed by Tony Duran.

János Mólnar, Arthur Keller, Derek Keeton, Marcus Zierke & Joe Locicero by JD Forte for Hurmoso

JD Forte captures models János Mólnar, Arthur Keller, Derek Keeton, Marcus Zierke and Joe Locicero for the debut  of underwear brand Hurmoso.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Paolo Anchisi by Ignacio Lozano for PULL&BEAR

Ford model Paolo Anchisi posing for Pull & Bear November lookbook by photographer Ignacio Lozano.

Portrait | Josh Tuckley by Giorgio Codazzi

Model Josh Tuckley lensed by Giorgio Codazzi and styled by Ivan Bontchev.

Tim Devos by Kai Z Feng

Re:Quest model Tim Devos captured by photographer Kai Z Feng

Linus Gustin by Alexander Dahl for Fashionisto

Nisch model Linus Gustin and Stockholmsgruppen's Antonia Ringqvist come togethere for a story entitled 'In Bloom' photographed by Alexandre Dahl and styled by Josef Forselius for Fashionisto.

Patrick Kafka & Gerhard Freidl by Francesco Brigida for Essential Homme

Photographer Francesco Brigida shoots Wiener model Patrick Kafka and Gerhard Freidl for the latest edition of Essential Homme./ Styling by Elisabetta Cavatorta

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Portrait | Tomasz Pastyrczak by Kosmas Pavlos

 Wiener handsome model Tomasz Pastyrczak is captured by Kosmas Pavlos.

Gregory Moreno by Gorka Postigo for Hercules Magazine

A new photo session with Uno model Gregory Moreno for the latest issue of Hercules magazine named 'The Dreamer' shooted by Gorka Postigo and styled by José Fernandez-Pacheco./ Grooming by Fran Cabrera

Portrait | Kevin Freed by Jeff Slater

Photographer Jeff Slater lenses Ford/Vision LA model Kevin Freed.

Portrait | Janos Molnar by Thomas Synnamon

Re:Quest model Janos Molnar photographed by Thomas Synnamon.

Yuri Pleskun by Paola Kudacki for i-D

 Photographer Paola Kudacki lensed Bananas model Yuri Pleskun and Karmen Pedaru for winter issue of i-D magazine./ Outfitted by Havana Laffitte.

Portrait | Alexey Galetskiy by Michael Elmquist

 DNA model Alexey Galetskiy is shooted by Michael Elmquist for a new portrait session.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Face | Tim Meiresone

Dutch model Tim Meiresone is the fresh face @ Dominique Models.

Portrait | Nathan Kehn by Scott Hoover

Nous model Nathan Kehn captured by Scott Hoover.

Arthur Sales by Nacho Alegre for Hercules Magazine

 Brazilian model Arthur Sales is captured by Nacho Alegre and styled by Laura Alcalde in a new story entitled 'Versace Full Power' for the newest edition of Hercules magazine./ Grommed by Manuela Pane

Portrait | Jon Paul by Anthony Deeying

Jon Paul photographed by Anthony Deeying.

Nick Taylor, Oliver Dunstan, Zascha & Milan by Frenchy for Citizen Deconstructed

 Models Nick Taylor, Oliver DunstanZascha and Milan are photographed by Frenchy for the Citizen Deconstructed's latest lookbook.

Jarrod Destiche by Brent Chua for Fashionisto

Fashion photographer Brent Chua has captured Root model Jarrod Destiche in a new story for one of the best fashion website and magazine Fashionisto.

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Face | Sven Csongar

New face model from Hungary,  Sven Csongar is signed with Soul.

Baptiste Giacobini by Justin Wu preview

Fashion photographer Justin Wu is sharing a preview of his photo series with model Baptiste Giabiconi./ Styling by Simon Gensowski.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Silviu Tolu by Mike van den Toorn for ZAATXHI Campaign

Romanian model Silviu Tolu (Allure) enlists ZAATXHI's new campaign 'Addict Rebel Man' , being captured by photographer Mike van den Toorn.

Mathias Lauridsen by Jacob Sutton for Bergdorf Goodman

NY model Mathias Lauridsen is photographed by talented Jacob Sutton for Bergdorf Goodman. Mathias is wearing some pieces from JIl Sander, Giorgio Armani and Tom Ford.

New Face | Anton

New Danish face model Anton @ Nisch Management.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Portrait | Kim Kraglund by Sean P. Watters

Danish model Kim Kraglund (Unique/Red) is potographed by Sean P. Watters.

David Hlinka, Mike Spadino, Andrew Harris and others by Sean Kilkenny

Photographer Sean Kilkenny captured the boys of Wilson Model, including David Hlinka, Mike Spadino, Matthew Cadigan, Corey Baptiste, Russell Giardina, Michael Basquette, Jeremy Graf, and Andrew Harris./ Styled by Sean Kilkenny & Brandon Wilson with hair & makeup by Melina Mendez

Portrait | Chad Buchanan by B. Charles Johnson

Photographer B. Charles Johnson portraits the handsome VNY model Chad Buchanan in such amazing photoshoots.

Collin Tennant & Tim Devos by Karim Sadli for VMan Magazine

Re:Quest models Collin Tennant and Tim Devos are photographed by Karim Sadli and styled by Jay Massacret for the issue #24 of VMAN magazine.

Marc Schulze & Julian Kassler by Robert Klebenow

Viva models Marc Schulze and Julian Kassler photographed by Robert Klebenow.

Monday, November 14, 2011

James Smith by Giorgio Codazzi for Maxim Magazine

 Fashion model James Smith is photographed by Giorgio Codazzi, filmed by Davide Vagni and styled by Lucio Colapietro for the newest edition  of Maxim magazine.

Malthe Lund Madsen by David Richardson for Vice Style

 Elite model Malthe Lund Madsen stars in a new story entitled 'Totally Fucked Up' for Vice Style, photographed by David Richardson and styled by Astrid Diaz 

Portrait | Daniel Cullen by Matthew Burgess

eMg model Daniel Cullen photographed by Matthew Burgess and styled by Lulu Ross./ Makeup by Carren Lee

Matthew Bell by Riccardo Slavik in H&M x Versace for Flamboyant

 Photographer Riccardo Slavik captures Matthew Bell for a new story in Flamboyant about the H&M's collaboration with Versace./ Grooming by Asia Erminio


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