Friday, March 29, 2013

Roberto Sipos & Bogdan Craiu by Dan Nichitiu & Cristian Niculae for Chaser S/S 2013 LookBook

MRA models Roberto Sipos and Bogdan Craiu are photographed by Dan Nichitiu (Glamography) and Cristian Niculae (Glamography) for the spring/summer 2013 lookbook of  Chaser.

New Face | Thomas Castilho by Adriano Doria @ Mega Models

Fresh face Thomas Castilho has only 23 years old and he's from Curitiba, Parana. He's photographed by Adriano Doria at his first agency, Mega Model Brazil.

New digital update of Fabricio Bach @ WhyNot Models

WhyNot Model Management released the new digitals of the handsome brazilian model Fabricio Bach.

Marlon Teixeira in Island Escape for Armani Exchange

Handsome topmodel Marlon Teixeira (Wilhelmina) is filmed while is taking a shower under the sun for Island Escape by Armani Exchange.

Felipe Nunes, Raphael Gonçalves, Livio Leite, Arnaldo Klay, Alfredo Granells & Danilo Gomes by Rafael Pavarotti

AGENCY MODELS: Felipe Nunes, Raphael Gonçalves, Livio Leite, Arnaldo Klay, Alfredo Granells and Danilo Gomes are joyned by the beautiful Angelica Grativol for a new portrait story entitled "Inside The Rules ", lensed by the young and talented photographer Rafael Pavarotti and styled by Jhon Santana./ Makeup by Alex Gillott. Hair by Christophe Dentaleche. Executive Producer: Vanessa Garroni.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lawrence Annunziata for TFG MAN Magazine

Base model Lawrence Annunziata is photographed for the March issue of TFG Man Magazine.

Jonathan & Kevin Sampaio by Simon for HOMME Style #6

I Love models Jonathan and Kevin Sampaio are photographed by Simon and styled by Alex Vaccani in the story "One or two at a time" for 'The Fantasy Issue' of Homme Style magazine./ Grooming by Kiril Vasilev.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Andres Velencoso Segura by Sergi Pons for GQ France

MGM/Wilhelmina model Andres Velencoso Segura is captured by Sergi Pons and styled by Miguel Arnau in the "Top Gun" story for the April 2013 issue of GQ France.

Vinicius Loures by Rafa Borges for RomeuMag #3

Ford model Vinicius Loures is photographed by Rafa Borges in the editorial "La Maison Avec Piscine"for the 3rd issue of RomeuMag./ Styled by Daniel Mooney.

Guilherme Valle by Cristiano Madureira

Guilherme Valle is photographed by fashion photographer Cristiano Madureira. Guilherme is represented by L’Equipe in Brazil.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Portrait | Trevor Van Uden by Tony Duran

 DT/Soul Artist model Trevor Van Uden is portraited by photographer Tony Duran.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Bogdan Sfarlos, Dorin Brînaru & Bogdan Craiu for KENVELO Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

MRA models: Bogdan Sfarlos, Dorin Brînaru and Bogdan Craiu joined by Adela D., Emma and Sandra C. are photographed by Mihai Stoica and styled by Iulia Claudia Dumitru for the spring/summer 2013 collection of KENVELO./ Make-up & Hair: Alex Ifimov

New digital update of Flavio Suhre @ L’Equipe Models

New digitals from the handsome model Flavio Suhre at his agency in São Paulo, L'Equipe.

New digital update of Elbio Bonsaglio @ Re:Quest Models

These are the newest polaroids of Italian model Elbio Bonsaglio at Re:Quest Model Management in New York.

Gerhard Freidl by Julia Spicker for Die PRESSE #11

Wiener model Gerhard Freidl is photographed by Julia Spicker in the editorial "Im Herrenzimmer" for the latest issue of Die Presse./ Styling & Production: Barbara Zach. Grooming: Patrick Glatthaar. Making Of Video: Alexander Galanis. Photo Assistant: Xenia Trampusch. Styling Assistant: Sabine Ortlieb.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Simone Nobili & Elbio Bonsaglio by Natalia Alaverdian for Harper's Bazaar Russia

Independent Men model Simone Nobili and Re:Quest model Elbio Bonsaglio are photographed by Natalia Alaverdian for the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar Russia.

Alexandru Dicu by Oltin Dogaru for Otter S/S 2013 Collection

MRA model Alexandru Dicu joined by Emma and Sinziana for the spring/summer 2013 collection of Romanian store Otter./ Photography by Oltin Dogaru.

João Bento Coelho, Julio Fernandes, Ryan Rafferty & Franklin Rutz by Lope Navo

Photographer Lope Navo captures Casablanca models João Bento Coelho, Julio Fernandes, Ryan Rafferty and Joy model  Franklin Rutz are joined by the beautiful Indiamara Deggerone at Arpoador Beach, Rio de Janeiro for the latest campaign of French label Dior. Down you can see the video of Behind the scenes made by FashionTV.

Ellus Spring/Summer 2014 | São Paulo Fashion Week

The spring/summer 2014 runway of Ellus at São Paulo Fashion Week.

Cavalera Spring/Summer 2014 | São Paulo Fashion Week

The spring/summer 2014 runway of Cavalera at São Paulo Fashion Week.

New Face | João Bento Coelho by Rafael Pavarotti @ Casablanca Models

Fresh brazilian model João Bento Coelho has just 17 years old and he's comming from Rio de Janeiro. He's represented by Casablanca Models.

Arthur Gosse by Bungo Tsuchiya for HUSK Magazine #10

Major Paris model Arthur Gosse is photographed by Bungo Tsuchiya for the latest issue of HUSK magazine.

Eriol Elcacho by Edu Garcia for Men's Health Spain

Sight model Oriol Elcacho joins the beauty Davinia Pelegri for the March 2013 issue of Men's Health Spain, photographed by Edu Garcia and styled by Gerard Sole./ Grooming by Egon Crivillers.

Bo Develius, Laurent Albucher, Leebo Freeman & others by Joseph Cardo for Antony Morato S/S 2013 Campaign

Antony Morato enlist the male models Bo Develius, Laurent Albucher, Leebo Freeman, Charlie Jones, Eddie Tucker, Jack Lyons, Klaus Vaivars, Norman Theuerkorn and Sam Lawson for the spring/summer 2013 campaign photographed by talented Joseph Cardo.

Clément Chabernaud by Willy Vanderperre for Vogue Hommes International

Success model Clément Chabernaud is photographed by Willy Vanderperre for the spring/summer 2013 issue of Vogue Hommes International./ Styled by Olivier Rizzo(Intrepid London).

Francisco Lachowski for Review S/S 2013 Campaign

Brazilian topmodel Francisco Lachowski (Ford) is joined by Hannah Glasby, Jared and Nicole for the spring/summer 2013 campaign of Review.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Silviu Enache by Luke Elijah

DEJAVU/Now model Silviu Enache is lensed by photographer Luke Elijah for a new portrait series.

David Agbodji by Cliff Watts for SPASHION

Re:Quest model David Agbodji is photographed by Cliff Watts and styled by Ugo Mozie for SPASHION Vol.2.

Clément Chabernaud & Charlie Timms for Lacoste S/S 2013 LookBook

Top models Clément Chabernaud (Success) and Charlie Timms (Marilyn Agency) are captured for the spring/summer 2013 lookbook of French label Lacoste.

John Hein by Kwannam Chu for I.T Post

Ford model John Hein is photographed by Kwannam Chu for the spring/summer 2013 issue of I.T Post magazine.

Eric Schauss, Kim Freire & Matheus Faria by Alexandro ADDS

 40 Graus models Eric Schauss, Kim Freire and Matheus Faria are lensed by photographer Alexandro ADDS and styled by Stefano Roncato. The models are wearing pieces from the summer collection of Italian label Versace.

Cover | Beto Malfacini by Lucio Luna for Junior Magazine

Brazilian model Beto Malfacini (40 Graus) covers the March 2013 issue of Junior magazine, photographed by Lucio Luna.

Lars Burmeister by Maciek Kobielski for Zeit Magazine

German model Lars Burmeister (Spin Models) is captured by Maciek Kobielski and styled by Markus Ebner in the story "Schön!" for Zeit magazine.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Jarrod Scott by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Hommes International #17

Note: Nudity

Australian top model Jarrod Scott (Ford/New Madison) is photographed by Sølve Sundsbø and styled by Beat Bolliger for Vogue Hommes International #17.

Mathias Bergh by Andrew Yee for El Libro Amarillo

Wilhelmina top model Mathias Bergh is lensed by photographer Andrew Yee (Atelier) for the spring/summer 2013 edition of El Libro Amarillo (El Palacio de Hierro).

Portrait | Mateusz Rogenbuk by Tymek Maciejewski

 Neva model Mateusz Rogenbuk is portraited by photographer Tymek Maciejewski.

Sean O’Pry by Koray Birand for SARAR S/S 2013 Campaign

 VNY model Sean O'Pry joined by the Italian model Bianca Balti for the spring/summer 2013 campaign of Turkish label SARAR, photographed by Koray Birand.

Gustavo Krier by Daniel Rodrigues

Photographer Daniel Rodrigues captures in Milan handsome model Gustavo Krier. Brazilian model is signed in Milan with Beatrice Models and in São Paulo with Joy Model Management.

Alexandre Cunha by Nacho Ricci for Bowen London UK F/W 2013 Campaign

Select model Alexandre Cunha is photographed and filmed by Nacho Ricci for the fall/winter 2013 campaign of  Bowen London UK.

New digital update of Davi Costa @ Ford Models Brazil

The new polaroids of Brazilian model Davi Costa at Ford Models Brazil.

New Face | Silviu Enache @ Now Model Management

Romanian fresh model Silviu Enache is represented now in Singapore by Now Model Management, and in Bucharest by Dejavu Models Management.

New Face | Vlad Rusu @ DEJAVU Models Management

Handsome fresh face Vlad Rusu is represented in Bucharest by DEJAVU Models Management. Good luck Vlad!

David Gandy by Arcin Sagdic for GQ Romania

After the cover story, photographer Arcin Sagdic captures Select model David Gandy for a new story in the latest issue of GQ Romania./ Styled by Sylvester Yiu. Fashion Editor: Ovidiu Buta. Makeuu by Sofie Uehla. Photography assistance by Yi Chen & Gareth Rhys.

Robert Laby by Sebastian Sabal-Bruce for Essential Homme

Photographer Sebastian Sabal-Bruce captured Success model Robert Laby for the cover story of Essential Homme's March/April 2013 issue./ Styled by Ana De Gregorio.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New digital update of Lucas Pacheco

New polaroids of Brazilian model Lucas Pacheco from his agency in Shanghai, China. In Brazil, he's represented by Glam Models and TEN Models.

Danny Beauchamp by Ben Weller for Hercules Universal

Select/Soul model Danny Beauchamp is captured by Ben Weller for the new "South African Affair" issue of Hercules Universal./ Styled by Laura Alcalde.

Samuel Roberts, Joel Meacock, Malcolm De Ruiter & Roman Larichev by John Balsom for GQ Style China

Male models Samuel Roberts (Supa), Joel Meacock (NEXT), Malcolm De Ruiter (Ford), Roman Larichev joyned by the beautiful Jana Knauerova are lensed by John Balsom and styled by Haidee Findlay-Levin in the story "The Cyclist" for the spring/summer 2013 issue of GQ Style China.


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