Thursday, May 19, 2011

Q&A Exclusive: Jon Kortajarena for David Yurman Fall 2011 Campaign


Leading EncoreJon Kortajarena was recently on location to shoot the David Yurman campaign once more and we have the inside scoop with how the experience went for the leading Spanish model. Discussing at length what it’s like to work with legendary photographers like Peter Lindbergh and his favorite hot spots in New York, Mr. Kortajarena delivers an interesting look behind the scenes.

You have appeared in amazing campaigns – how has working with the David Yurman team been different?
Jon Kortajarena: The biggest difference is working with jewelry. The focus of the photographs is on the jewelry. And of course working with Peter Lindbergh makes a difference too. He is the best. He is able to do great things in a simple way, and being on set with him is very special.
What makes working with Peter so special?
Jon Kortajarena: Everything. The energy he creates is very special, sweet and soft. And everyone on set knows what they have to get done. The combination gives you energy while making the experience more enjoyable.
And whatʼs it like working with Joan Small and Arizona Muse? Had you met them before?
Jon Kortajarena: This is my first time meeting both Joan and Arizona. They are beautiful, very nice and very sweet.
And what was it like working with Kate Moss for last year’s David Yurman campaign shoot?
Jon Kortajarena: What can I say? Working with her was fantastic. Even in the distance sometimes, I could see the way she is and I loved her.
The fall 2011 campaign is all about bringing it back to New York. Whatʼs your favorite part of New York or some of your favorite places to go?
Jon Kortajarena: I live in the West Village so thatʼs my favorite area. Itʼs close to SoHo but itʼs not that noisy. I was very lucky to find a great apartment in the neighborhood.
Do you have any favorite hot spots in New York? Any favorite restaurants or places that you like to spend time?
Jon Kortajarena: Many, yes. Thatʼs the good thing about New York. In Spain, you have like one or two places that you love, but in New York you have lots of them. I love Bread, on the corner. Itʼs very nice. There are a couple of Italian ones that I like closer to where I live. And I love sushi. There are great sushi places in New York, like Lure in SoHo.
How would you describe your everyday style when youʼre not on set? When youʼre traveling between shoots or you’re just hanging out in New York?
Jon Kortajarena: Very casual. I like clothes and take care of what Iʼm wearing, but I donʼt care too much. I donʼt like it when a guy is totally dressed up or looks as if he has been staring at the mirror for a while. I think a guy looks nice when he looks and feels comfortable.
What have been some of your favorite projects youʼve worked on in the past? Like a favorite shoot?
Jon Kortajarena: Working with David Yurman and Kate Moss was one of my favorite projects. Of course shooting with Steven Klein, Steven Meisel or Terry Richardson is always amazing. Working with Tom Ford has been one of the greatest things in my career and I can see the value of all my experiences. I have been very lucky, it has been going very well. I have been doing things that I really like and now I have the opportunity to be in the business and choosing what I want to do. And being a male model, thatʼs a big thing. You have to put things in a balance and decide what way you want to take your career.

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