Sunday, February 19, 2017

Levi Kasanrokyat by Richard Broekhuijzen

Stunning model & 'Men of the Year Netherlands 2017' Levi Kasanrokyat is portraited by talented photographer Richard Broekhuijzen. Levi  is wearing Todd Sanfield & Dream Aesthetics.

Klaus Gripp by Rodrigo Marconatto for Coitus Magazine

Brazilian model Klaus Gripp (40 Graus Models) is photographed by Rodrigo Marconatto for Coitus Magazine.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Iman Schumpert by Ellen von Unwerth for GQ Magazine

American professional basketball player Iman Schumpert and his girlfriend  Teyana Taylor have been named the "Sexiest Couple on Earth" by GQ Magazine, that's why Fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth have captured them for the latest edition of American GQ./ Fashion director: Madeline Weeks. MUA : Devra Francine Kinery / Art Department.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wojtek Demecki by Gabriela Szczypa

Handsome model Wojtek Demecki is portraited by Gabriela Szczpa. Wojtek is represented by Orange Models in Warsaw./ MUA: Honorata Harasimiuk.

Friday, February 10, 2017

New Face | Eugen Pepa @ Brave Models

Welcome to the Romanian handsome model Eugen Pepa in Milan at his new modeling agency Brave Model Management. Let's wish him Good luck for a great career.

Robin De Ranter by Alisson Marks for WAPO Wear

Handsome model Robin De Ranter (Major Management) is captured by Alisson Marks at Garda Lake, Italy for WAPO WEAR

Wesley Hoffmann by Beto Urbano for Yearbook Fanzine

Stunning model Wesley Hoffmann is captured by Beto Urbano and styled by Hugo Machado for Yearbook Fanzine. Wesley is represented by 40 Graus Models.

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